Today : Tuesday, January 22, 2019    فارسی

IBRO-APRC Kerman Associate School of Neuroscience

"Learning and memory: molecular, electrophysiological and computational approaches"

Laboratory projects will focus on the following themes:

Electrophysiology (Neuronal activity and synaptic plasticity)
- In-vivo field potential recording
- In-vitro field potential recording
- Single unit recording
- Patch clamp recording

Molecular Biology
- Western Blotting

- DMST  in monkey

Behavioral task in rodent
- Open field 
- Morris water maze 
- Radial maze
- Zero maze
- Shuttle Box
- Elevated plus maze 
- Novel object recognition
- Startle reflex

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) 
- Structure of TEM
- Specimen preparation for TEM

Program Summary:
• Lectures:  Keynote lectures by renowned international scientists and invited lectures by national scientists.
• Labs: Introductory laboratory sessions in neuroscience and discussion session by the invited speakers. 
• Students’ poster presentations