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Electrophysiology Lab


The electrophysiology laboratory investigates neuronal networks of cerebral cortical neurons and hippocampus. Our research focuses on investigating the mechanisms of synaptic plasticity with particular emphasis on development. We work primarily on two In vivo preparations, the barrel cortex and the hippocampus of rat.

Some studies focus on the component of the rodent somatosensory system that processes tactile information arising from whiskers. Each whisker correlates one-to-one with an anatomically defined group of cortical neurons, called a barrel, which represents a morphological correlate of a functional cortical column. Barrels are local circuits that perform an initial transformation of incoming signals from sub cortical circuits. Computer-controlled whisker stimuli and single cell recording techniques are used to examine how information is integrated by cortical neurons. In some studies we study effect of electrical stimulation of important brain nucleus (etc; locus coeruleus, dorsal raphe...) on the rat somatosensory system.  Also, we are studding mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in the environmentally deprived animals. In the depriving animals all vibrissae (expected D2) removed by applying slow tension to the base of vibrissae. We study the response properties of barrel cortex neurons to paired whiskers displacement in plucked animals.

We are focusing on some drugs effect on cellular mechanisms of cognition with an emphasis on learning and memory during invivo long-term synaptic potentiation (LTP) in the hippocampus. 


Head of lab: Vahid Sheibani; Ph.D

Research manager: Mohammad reza Afarinesh khaki (Ms.c).

Student graduate student: Milan H (Ph.D student), Siahposht (Ms.c), Hagh panah T(Ms.c), Bagheri F(Ms.c).


Recent Publications:

1- Dorsal raphe nucleus stimulation modulate the response of layer IV and V barrel cortical neurons in rat

Brain Research Bulletin 68(2006)430-435

Vahid Sheibani, Rasoul Farazifard


2-Electrical stimulation of locus coeruleus strengthens the souround inhibition in layer V barrel cortex in rat

Neuroscience Letters 401(3) (2006):280-4

Sahel motaghi, Vahid Sheibani, Rasoul Farazifard, Hossen Jonaidi


3- Single whisker experience started on postnatal days 0, 5 or 8 changes temporal characteristics of response integration in layers IV and V of rat barrel cortex neurons
Ali Shamsizadeh, Vahid Sheibani, Somaye Arabzadeh, Mohammad Reza Afarinesh, Rasoul Farazifard, S. Mohammad Noorbakhsh and Yaghoub Fathollahi

Brain Research Bulletin, Volume 74, Issues 1-3, 14 September 2007, Pages 29-36


4- Effect of chronic morphine exposure on response properties of rat barrel cortex neurons,

Mohammad Reza Afarinesh, Vahid Sheibani, Somaye Arabzadeh, Ali Shamsizadeh.

Addiction Biology, 2008: 13, 31-39.