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Accident Analysis and Prevention,75,43

The road user behaviour of school students in Iran

Nouzar Nakhaee,Narges Khanjani,Amir Reza Nabipour



Physiology & Behavior,138,285

Exercise improves learning and memory impairments in sleep deprived female rats

Hakimeh Saadati,Vahid Sheibani



Iranian Endodontic Journal,10,1,64

Fluoride Varnish as Root Canal Sealer: A Scanning Electron Microscopy and Bacterial Penetration Study

Masoud Parirokh



Synthetic Communications,45


Samira Rahmani,alireza Foroumadi



Tetrahedron Letters,56,743

Simple and efficient syntheses of novel benzo[4,5]imidazo [1,2-a]pyridine derivatives

Fereshteh Goli-Garmroodi,Alireza Foroumadi



Medicinal Chemistry Research,24,891

Synthesis, antileishmanial activity and QSAR study of (1,3,4- thiadiazol-2-ylthio) acetamides derived from 5-nitrofuran

Mohsen Vosooghi,Alireza Foroumadi




A Comparison of the Time of Physical Activities (morning and afternoon) on the Amount of Plasma Myoglobin and Creatine Kinase of Non-athletic Men with Cardiovascular Diseases

Pourya Pasavand,Amin Mehrabi,Kouros Divsalar,Robabeh Amiri,Kouros Divsalar



Neuroscience Letters,590,84

The therapeutic potential of Berberine chloride hydrate against harmaline-induced motor impairments in a rat model of tremor

Zohreh Vaziri,Mohammad Shabani



Iranian Biomedical Journal,19,2

Evaluation of Neurogenic Potential of Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Cells; a Time- and Concentration- Dependent Manner

Seyed Hassan Eftekhar-Vaghefi,Ali Shams-Ara



Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior,130,15

Erythropoietin improves synaptic plasticity and memory deficits by decrease of the neurotransmitter release probability in the rat model of Alzheimer's disease

Parisa Esmaeili,Mohammad Shabani,Masoud Haghani



European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry,93,196

Benzofuran-derived benzylpyridinium bromides as potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

Farzaneh Baharloo,Alireza Foroumadi



Iran J Basic Med Sci,18,138

Estrogen provides neuroprotection against brain edema and blood brain barrier disruption through both estrogen receptors α and β following traumatic brain injury

Vida Naderi,mohammad Khaksari



Physiology & Behavior,144,73

Ovariectomy does not exacerbate the negative effects of sleep deprivation on synaptic plasticity in rats

Vahid Hajali,Vahid Sheibani



International Journal of Reproductive Medicine,2015

Incidence and Correlates of Maternal Near Miss in Southeast Iran

Tayebeh Naderi,Nouzar Nakhaee



Transportation Research Part F,29,113

The relationship between religion and the on-road behaviour of adolescents in Iran

AmirReza Nabipour,Narges Khanjani,Nozar Nakhaee



Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal,17,1

Trial of Tramadol Plus Gabapentin for Opioid Detoxification

Hassan Ziaaddini,Ahmad Ziaaddini



Physiology & Behavior,142,155

Psychological or physical prenatal stress differentially affects cognition behaviors

Masoud Nazeri,Mohammad Shabani




Postnatal MK-801 treatment of female rats impairs acquisition of working memory, but not reference memory in an eight-arm radial maze; no beneficial effects of enriched environment

Masoumeh Nozari



J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci,27

Neural Evidence for Compromised Mental Imagery in Individuals With Chronic Schizophrenia

shahrzad Mazhari



Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine

The Frequency of Using Herbal Medicines Among Patients With Hypertension in Kerman, Iran, 2012-2013

Haleh Tajadini,Kouros Divsalar



Basic and Clinical Neuroscience,6,2,23

Antiamnesic Effects of Walnuts Consumption on Scopolamine-Induced Memory Impairments in Rats

Shahin Harandi,Vahid Sheibani



Mol Divers,19,273

Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of novel poly-substituted imidazo[2,1-c][1,2,4]triazin-6-amines

Tahmineh Akbarzadeh,Kouros Divsalar,alireza foroumadi



Iranian Endodontic Journal,10,2,89

Cytotoxicity of Two Resin-Based Sealers and a Fluoride Varnish on Human Gingival Fibroblasts

Masoud Parirokh,Farshidreza Forghani




Changes in hippocampal orexin 1 receptor expression involved in tooth pain-induced learning and memory impairment in rats

Ramin Raoof,Saeed Esmaeili Mahani,Maryam Raoof


Arch Irn Med,18,4,211

Isolation and Evaluation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells from Teeth with Advanced Periodontal Disease

Ali Derakhshani,Maryam Raoof



Iranian Endodontic Journal,10,2,112

Preferred Materials and Methods Employed for Endodontic Treatment by Iranian General Practitioners

Jahangir Haghani,Maryam Raoof



Journal of Environmental and Public Health

Prevalence of Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders in Dentists: Symptoms and Risk Factors

Forouzan Rafie,Maryam Raoof



J Dent Shiraz UnivMed Sci,16,73

Elastofibroma of the Face: A Case Report

Sorena Fardisi,Maryam Raoof



Pharmaceutical Biology

The promising effect of barberry (Zereshk) extract against experimental pulmonary microvascular remodeling and hypertension: A comparison with sildenafil

Naser Mahdavi,Siavash Jokar,Majid Asadi



Ethiop J Health Sci,25,1,79


Tofighi M,Tirgari B,Fooladvandi M



restorative dentistry & endodontics,40,2

The success rate of bupivacaine and lidocaine as anesthetic agents in inferior alveolar nerve block in teeth with irreversible pulpitis without spontaneous pain

Masoud Parirokh,Nozar Nakhaee,Hamed Manochehrifar



Iran J Basic Med Sci,18,3

Aqueous extract of Zizyphus jujuba fruit attenuates glucose induced neurotoxicity in an in vitro model of diabetic neuropathy

Ayat Kaeidi,Majid Taati,Zahra Hajializadeh



Addiction and Health,7,1-2

Effectiveness of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Persistent Methamphetamine Psychosis: A Pilot Study

Hassan Ziaaddini,Toktam Roohbakhsh,Nouzar Nakhaee



International Journal of Preventive Medicine,6,42

Effects of opium consumption on coronary artery disease risk factors and oral health: Results of Kerman Coronary Artery Disease Risk factors Study a population‑based survey on 5900 subjects aged 15-75 years

Hamid Najafipour,Mohammad Masoomi,Sadra Samadi




Vitamin D Modulates the Expression of IL-27 and IL-33 in the Central Nervous System in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis

Marziyeh Mohammadi



Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences,5,44

Study on the Effect of Essence and Extract of Thymus caramanicus Jalas on the Process of Oral Wound Healing in Rats

Majid asadi,Molok Torabi



Addiction and Health,7,1,54

Fasting Blood Glucose and Insulin Level in Opium Addict versus Non-Addict Individuals

Farzaneh Yazdi,Mohammad Hossein Gozashti



Iranian Endodontic Journal,10,3

Microleakage of Single-Cone Gutta-Percha Obturation Technique in Combination with Different Types of Sealers

Saeedeh Sadr,Maryam Raoof





M. Nozari,N. Atapour



International Immunopharmacology,28,279

The brain cytokine levels are modulated by estrogen following traumatic brain injury: Which estrogen receptor serves as modulator?

Mohammad Khaksari


brain research,1618

Changes in the gene expression of estrogen receptors involved in the protective effect of estrogen in rat's trumatic brain injury

mohammad Khaksari,Zahra Hajializadeh


Iranian Biomedical Journal,19,3

The Effects of Estrogen Receptors' Antagonist on Brain Edema, Intracranial Pressure and Neurological Outcomes after Traumatic Brain Injury in Rat

Fatemeh Dehghan,Mohammad Khaksari



Journal of Emergency Practice and Trauma,1,1

Evaluation of suicide attempts with drug poisoning in North-West of Iran

Samad shams Vahdati,Shahrad Tajoddini,,Akbar Fadaei Haghi



Journal of Emergency Practice and Trauma,1,2

Comparing two methods of electronic and teacher-based education on nursing students’ level of knowledge in taking care of trauma patients

Samaneh Alizadeh,Shahrad Tajoddini



Journal of Emergency Practice and Trauma,1,2,67-68

Successful outcome in managing of aluminum phosphide poisoning

Samad Shams Vahdati,Zahra Vandrajabpour,Shahrad Tajoddini



Journal of Emergency Practice and Trauma,1,2

One-day triage course for nurses, it is essential

Ramin Azhough,Shahrad Tajoddini



The Cochrane Collaboration

Chlorpromazine versus metiapine for schizophrenia

Morteza Zare,Azam Bazrafshan,Shahrzad Mazhari


The Cochrane Collaboration,4

Acetophenazine versus chlorpromazine for schizophrenia

Azam Bazrafshan