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Year 2013

1 JOE, 39, 1

Masoud Parirokh, Nouzar  Nakhaee

Effect of Occlusal  Reduction on Postoperative Pain in Teeth with Irreversible  Pulpitis and Mild Tenderness to Percussion



2  Instrumentation Science and Technology, 41, 1-17

Saeid Reza Seydnejad, Vahid Sheibani




3  JOHOE, 1, 2

Maryam Raoof, Mehdi Abbasnejad

 A modification of a previous model for inflammatory tooth pain: Effects of different apsaicin and formalin concentrations and ibuprofen



4  Anatomical Sciences  Journal, 10, 1, 57-62

Seyed Hassan Eftekhar-Vaghefi, Ali Shams-Ara

 A Study of the Anatomic Variations in Extrahepatic Bile  Ducts in 50 Adults Referred to Kerman Forensic Medicine  Organization



5  Global  Journal of Health Science, 5, 1, 193-202

Behshid Garousi

 Eating Disorders and Their Associated Risk Factors among Iranian Population – A Community Based Study



 J Neurotrauma, 30, 47-54

Alireza  Sarkaki, Mohammad Khaksari Haddad

 Time- and dose-dependent neuroprotective effects of sex steroid hormones on inflammatory cytokines after a traumatic brain injury



 Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical  Sciences, 15, 4, 25-28

Akbar Hamzei-Moghaddam, Farhad Iranmanesh, Rostam Seyfaldini

Visual  Evoked Potentials in Patients with Classic Migraine



 Eur J Trauma  Emerg Surg, 39, 9-13 

S. Tajoddini

Ultrasonographic diagnosis of abdominal free fluid: accuracy comparison of emergency physicians  and radiologists



 Iranian  Journal of Pharmaceutical  Research, 12, 1, 211-216

Seyed Mojtaba Sohrevardi, Farhad Sarrafzadeh

Evaluation of Bactereuria and Antimicrobial Susceptibility among Hospitalized Patients With and Without Catheter in Kerman Province- Iran  in 2011



10  Journal of American Science, 9, 1, 102-108  Solmaz Shokouhi

Moqhaddam, Mahmoud Zivari  Rahman

The Effect of Family  Structure on the Mental Health of Children in Shahid Bahonar University  students



11  DARU, 21, 15 

Alireza  Foroumadi, Hamid  Nadri,  Vahid Sheibani

5,6-Dimethoxybenzofuran-3-one derivatives: a novel series  of dual Acetylcholinesterase/ Butyrylcholinesterase inhibitors bearing benzyl pyridinium  moiety



12  Neurosciences,  18, 2, 126-132 

Aliasghar Pourshanazari, Haleh Tajadini

Role of 17-beta estradiol in baroreflex sensitivity in the nucleus tractus solitarii via the autonomic system in ovariectomized rats



13  J. Basic.  Appl. Sci. Res., 3, 3, 36-42 

Behshid Garrusi

Identifying the Norms of General  Population Regarding Child Maltreatment, Kerman –Iran



14 Neuroscience  & Medicine, 4, 16-22 

Mohammad Shabani, Nasser  Zangiabadi

Evidence for Positive Effects of Date Extract That Attenuates Thermal  Hyperalgesia  in a Diabetic Rat Model of Neuropathic Pain



15 Turkish Neurosurgery, 23, 2, 151-154 

Seyed Mojtaba SohrevardI

Evaluation of TGF β1, IL-8 and Nitric Oxide in the Serum of Diffuse Axonal Injury Patients and Its Association with Clinical  Status and Outcome



16 International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 121, 157-161 

Mohammad E. Motlaq, Nouzar  Nakhaee

Contraceptive use and unmet need for family planning in Iran



17 Iranian  Journal of Otorhinolaryngology, 25, 2, 79-84 

Maryam Amizadeh, Hossein Safizadeh

Survey on the Prevalence of Allergic Rhinitis and its Effect on the Quality of High School Students’ Life



18 Brain Research  Bulletin, 1497, 61-72 

Mohammad Khaksari, Fatemeh Maghool

Differences in brain edema and intracranial  pressure following traumatic brain injury across the estrous cycle: involvement of female  sex steroid hormones



19 Russian Open Medical  Journal, 2, 0106 

Behshid Garrusi

Psychosocial contributing factors that affect mental well being in diabetic patients



20 J Pak Med Assoc, 63, 4, 468-471 

Behshid Garrusi

Assessment of psychometric properties of Persian version of Perceived Socio-cultural Pressure Scale (PSPS)



21 Journal of Community Health Research, 2, 1 

Batool Tirgari, Mansooreh Azzizadeh Forouzi

Predictors of Sleep Quality and Sleepiness in the Iranian Adult: A population Based Study



22 International Journal of Neuroscience,  1-7

Masoud Etemadifar, Hamidreza Shemshaki

Ginseng in the treatment of fatigue in multiple sclerosis:  a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind pilot study



23 Journal of Research in Medical Sciences,  24-27

Abbas Ghorbani, Hamidreza  shemshaki

Prevalence  and clinical characteristics  of headache among medical students, Isfahan, Iran



24 Journal of Research in Medical Sciences

 Hamidreza  Shemshaki, Mahboobe Faridan Esfahani

Clinical  randomized trial study of tibial shaft fracture fixation, comparing intramedullary nailing  with dyanamic compression plate



25 International Journal of Preventive Medicine, 4, 2, 141-145 

Mohsen Nourbakhsh, Hamidreza  Shemshaki

Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the Oxford Hip Score for Iranian  Population



26 Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine, 1-6 

Majid Asadi

Maternal feeding with walnuts (Juglans regia)  improves learning and memory in their adult pups



27 J Neurosurg, 1-9 

Saleh Zahedi Asl , Ali Siahposht , Mohammad Khaksari

Contribution of estrogen receptors alpha and beta in the brain response to traumatic brain injury



28 Rejuvenation Res, 16, 2, 1-9 

Pasban-Aliabadi H, Esmaeili-Mahani  S, Vahid Sheibani

Inhibition of 6-hydroxydopamine-induced PC12 cell apoptosis by olive (Olea  europaea L.) leaf extract is performed by its main component oleuropein



29 Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, 105 

Saeed Esmaeili-Mahani, Zahra Ebrahimi,  Zahra Hajializadeh,  Vahid Sheibani

 Exercise-induced  morphine insensitivity is accompanied with a decrease in specific  G-protein subunits gene expression in rats



30 In Vitro Cell.Dev.Biol.-Animal,  49, 515-523 

Parvin Salehinejad, Ali Mandegary, Seyed Noureddin Nematollahi-mahani

Effect of EGF  and FGF  on the expansion properties of human umbilical  cord mesenchymal  cells



31 Iran J Basic  Med Sci, 16, 5 

Mohammadreza Afarineshkhaki, Arezoo Saberi Moghadam

The Effect of Opium Dependency of Parent (s) on Offspring’s Spatial Learning & Memory in Adult Male Rats



32 Journal of Applied Sciences, 13, 5 

Gholamreza  Sepehri, Arezoo Saberi

Satureja khuzestanica Extract Elicits  Antinociceptive Activity in Several Model of Pain in Rats



33 Journal of Community Health Research, 2, 1 

Mansooreh Azizzadeh Forouzi

Developing Patient Education Questionnaire in Iranian  Population



34 Online  Journal of Veterinary Research, 187

Shaahin Harandi, Vahid Sheibani

Effect of walnut (Juglans regia L) consumption on anticonvulsant low-frequency stimulation in rats



35 Online  Journal of Veterinary Research, 17, 7, 360-369 

Shaahin Harandi, Vahid Sheibani

Inhibitory effects of walnut consumption on amygdala kindling model of epilepsy in male  Wistar rats



36  Journal of Biological Sciences,  13, 4, 288-292 

Ali Assadipour, khadijeh Esmaeilpour

Composition and Antioxidant Effect of the Essential Oils  of the Flowers  and Fruits of Ducrosia assadii Alava., a Unique Endemic Plant from Iran



37 Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 19, 4, 327-338 

Shahrzad Mazhari

The 100 Top-Cited Articles Published in Psychiatric Journals



38 Can. J. Physiol. Pharmacol., 91 

Mohammad Khaksari  , Zakieh  Keshavarzi, Ahmad Gholamhoseinian

The effect of female sexual  hormones on the intestinal and serum cytokine response after traumatic brain injury:  different roles for estrogen receptor subtypes



39 Life Science Journal, 10, 7, 1257

 Hamidreza  Shemshaki

Molecular Mechanisms  during Tendon Injury: A Review Article



40 World J Orthop, 3, 139-143 

Hamidreza  Shemshaki, Mohammad Reza Etemadifar

Relationship of knowledge about osteoporosis with education level  and life habits



41 Life Science Journal, 10, 8, 389 

Hamidreza  Shemshaki

Corticosteroid and Injuries: A Review of Human and Experimental Studies



42 Meaning of Spiritual Care, 199 

Batool Tirgari

Iranian Nurses’ Experiences



43 European Journal of Medicinal  Chemistry, 70, 623-630 

Ali Asadipour, Alireza Foroumadi, Vahid sheibani

Novel  coumarin-3-carboxamides  bearing N-benzylpiperidine moiety as potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitors



44 Basic  and Clinical  Neuroscience,  4, 3, 68 

Vahid Sheibani, Khadijeh Esmaeilpour

Comparing the Anticonvulsant Effects of Low Frequency Stimulation of Different Brain Sites on the Amygdala Kindling Acquisition in Rats



45 PLOS ONE,  8, 10 

AliAkbar Haghdoost, Razieh Khajehkazemi, Behnam Sadeghirad

The Projection of Burden of Disease in Islamic  Republic of Iran to 2025



46 BioMed Research International, 

Ali Mandegary

Indomethacin-Enhanced Anticancer Effect of Arsenic Trioxide in A549 Cell Line: Involvement of Apoptosis and Phospho-ERK and p38 MAPK Pathways



47 Central Nervous  System Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, 13, 93-97 

Ali Mandegary, Fariba Sharififar

Anticonvulsant Effect of the Essential Oil  and Methanolic Extracts of Zataria Multiflora Boiss



48 Sleep Medicine, 14, 1277-1282 

Siyavash Joukar

Susceptibility to life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias in an animal  model of paradoxical sleep deprivation



49 Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 

Hamed Reihani

Effects of pulsed electromagnetic field on intervertebral disc cell apoptosis in rats



50 Neurochemistry  International, 63 

Saeed Esmaeili-Mahani

Protective effect of orexin-A on 6-hydroxydopamine-induced neurotoxicity in SH-SY5Y human dopaminergic neuroblastoma cells




Majid Asadi

Feeding with walnut (Juglans regia)  reduces cerebral  ischemic damage in rats



52 Asian J. Nursing Edu. and Research, 3, 4 

Batool Tirgari, Mansooreh A Forouzi

Spiritual Care: Iranian Critical Care Nurses’ Perception



53 Addiction and Health, 5, 3-4 

Amir Eslami Shahrbabaki, Mahin Eslami  Shahrbabaki

Association between Parental Addiction and Types of Child Abuse in High-School Students of Kerman, Iran



54 J Membrane Biol, 

Mohammad Shabani, Mahyar Janahmadi

Alterations in the Intrinsic Burst Activity of Purkinje Neurons in Offspring Maternally Exposed to the CB1 Cannabinoid Agonist WIN  55212-2



55 Addiction and Health, 5, 3-4, 83 

Jahanbanoo Shahryari

The Effect of Concomitant Ethanol and Opium Consumption on Lipid Profiles and Atherosclerosis in Golden Syrian Hamster’s Aorta



56 CryoLetters, 34, 5 

Ezzatabadipour Massood , Kaviani Maryam , Nematollahi-Mahani




57 Arch Irn Med, 16, 12

Maryam alsadat Hashemipour, Majid Asadi

Exfoliative Cytology of Oral Mucosa among Smokers, Opium Addicts and Non-smokers: A Cytomorphometric Study



58 Braz J Phys Ther, 17, 6 

Yousef Moghadas Tabrizi

The reliability  and validity study of the Kinesthetic and Visual Imagery  Questionnaire in individuals  with Multiple Sclerosis



59 Iran J Basic  Med Sci, 16, 1190 

Gholamreza  Sepehri

Does Propylthiouracil Increase  the Gentamicin-Induced Nephrotoxicity In Rat?



60 Journal of Addiction, 

Hasan ziaaddini, Nouzar  Nakhaee

Pattern and Trend of Substance Abuse in Eastern Rural Iran:  A Household Survey in a Rural Community



61 DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences,  21, 67 

Arezou Lari, Alireza Foroumadi

Synthesis and psychobiological evaluation of modafinil analogs in mice



62 The Journal of Supercritical Fluids,  81, 67 

Forouzan Ghaderi, Amir Hosein Ghaderi

Viscosity prediction by computational method and artificial neural networkapproach: The case of six refrigerants



63 Iran J Basic  Med Sci, 

Gholamreza  Sepehri, Yasaman  Pahlavan

Study the Antinociceptive Effect of Intracerebroventricular Injection of Aqueous Extract of Origanum Vulgare Leaves in Rat: Possible Involvement of Opioid System



64 Clinical  Neurology and Neurosurgery, 

Yousef Moghadas Tabrizi

Compromised motor imagery ability in individuals  with multiple sclerosis  and mild  physical  disability: An ERP study



65 Iran J Basic  Med Sci, 16, 7, 858 

Nader  Shahrokhi, Mohammad Khaksari

The Effects of Shilajit on Brain Edema, Intracranial  Pressure  and Neurologic  Outcomes following the Traumatic Brain  Injury in Rat